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2 p.m. to 10 p.m.


550 E 13th Street

Eugene, Oregon 97401

Welcome to Max's

Eugene's Oldest Tavern

Max’s Tavern is one of the oldest standing bars located in beautiful Eugene Oregon. Located in the historic Thompson-Roach building and established by Max Robinson in 1932. We’ve been around for generations creating new and nostalgic memories each year! Here at Max’s we are committed to wonderful service, and better drinks! We do our very best to provide a unique and classic experience.


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What People Say

Max's is a classic and unique historic tavern. The owners are genuinely warm and welcoming. The food is delicious with a wide assortment of beers on tap. Love it!

Jeff Wisdom

Love this place! Great drinks and a nice space. Right near the college, but doesn’t feel like a college bar most nights. All together solid.

Lauralei Singsank

Max's is my personal favorite bar on campus. The owners are loyal and incredible, always good drinks and prices.

Ryan Bollinger

A little bias, but I've been going to this place in Eugene every time I visited for the past 7 years. Every time I've visited, there were interesting and polite patrons to converse with and excellent drinks

for the price. There are plenty of unlisted reasons as to why I keep visiting

Max's year after year

Crockett Vinson

A fantastic location for drinking beer and even

better for mixed drinks!

Stacey Mickler, Yelp Reviewer

I love the free popcorn, and peanut Fridays are even better!

Alan Green, Yelp Reviewer

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Max’s Tavern is the oldest bar in Eugene that is in its original location. Since Max opened the doors in 1932, very little has changed. We challenge you to eat a pickled egg.

550 E 13th Street, Eugene, OR 97401